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New for Jan 2015!   
Duncan Lighting Collection (3602 CH, PW Series) 
  • Contemporary Style with industrial feel 
  • Simple, classic silhouette in a variety of plated and painted metal finishes 
  • Popular shade colors allow the user to customize to suit existing decor 
  • Wide, open-bottom shades on mini pendant and wall sconces offer great task lighting with an exposed bulb
  • Large pendants have frosted glass diffusers
3602-1W CH-BE_thumb.gif
3602-1W CH-BK_thumb.gif
3602-1W CH-CH_thumb.gif
3602-1W CH-RD_thumb.gif
3602-1W CH-SF_thumb.gif
3602-1W CH-WH_thumb.gif
3602-1W PW-BE_thumb.gif
3602-1W PW-BK_thumb.gif
3602-1W PW-PW_thumb.gif
3602-1W PW-RD_thumb.gif
3602-1W PW-SF_thumb.gif
3602-1W PW-WH_thumb.gif
3602-1W RBZ-RBZ_thumb.jpg
3602-BA1 CH-BE_thumb.jpg
3602-BA1 CH-BK_thumb.jpg
3602-BA1 CH-CH_thumb.jpg
3602-BA1 CH-RD_thumb.jpg
3602-BA1 CH-SF_thumb.jpg
3602-BA1 CH-WH_thumb.jpg
3602-BA1 PW-BE_thumb.jpg
3602-BA1 PW-BK_thumb.jpg
3602-BA1 PW-PW_thumb.jpg
3602-BA1 PW-RD_thumb.jpg
3602-BA1 PW-SF_thumb.jpg
3602-BA1 PW-WH_thumb.jpg
3602-BA1 RBZ-RBZ_thumb.jpg
3602-BA3 CH-BE_thumb.jpg
3602-BA3 CH-BK_thumb.jpg
3602-BA3 CH-CH_thumb.jpg
3602-BA3 CH-RD_thumb.jpg
3602-BA3 CH-SF_thumb.jpg
3602-BA3 CH-WH_thumb.jpg
3602-BA3 PW-BE_thumb.jpg
3602-BA3 PW-BK_thumb.jpg
3602-BA3 PW-PW_thumb.jpg
3602-BA3 PW-RD_thumb.jpg
3602-BA3 PW-SF_thumb.jpg
3602-BA3 PW-WH_thumb.jpg
3602-BA3 RBZ-RBZ_thumb.jpg
3602-FM CH-BE_thumb.jpg
3602-FM CH-BK_thumb.jpg
3602-FM CH-CH_thumb.jpg
3602-FM CH-RD_thumb.jpg
3602-FM CH-SF_thumb.jpg
3602-FM CH-WH_thumb.jpg
3602-FM PW-BE_thumb.jpg
3602-FM PW-BK_thumb.jpg
3602-FM PW-PW_thumb.jpg
3602-FM PW-RD_thumb.jpg
3602-FM PW-SF_thumb.jpg