Title 24 Code Compliance for Residential Lighting
In order to decrease energy consumption, California has adopted a new energy code (Title 24) that significantly impacts lighting in new and remodeled homes. Beginning October 2005, all new and remodeled homes must incorporate energy efficient lighting and controls. For more detailed information, please go to the California Energy Commission website.

Depending on the room, these include:
  • Dimmers
  • Occupancy Sensors:
    1) Must be certified Title 24 compliant
    2) Must be manual-on/automatic-off (can also be turned off manually)
    3) Must turn off automatically in 30 minutes
    4) Cannot be locked in a permanent "on" state
  • High efficacy lights - fluorescent, compact fluorescent (CFL) or high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps
  • Fluorescent, CFL, and HID lights must not have a medium screw base socket
  • Lamps rated 13 watts or greater must have an electronic ballast

Requirements by room

  • Fluorescent lighting - at least 50% of installed wattage must be from fluorescent, CFL or HID lights (13 watts or greater require an electronic ballast)
  • Incandescent lighting - up to 50% of installed wattage may be incandescent lighting if switched separately

Bathrooms, Garages, Laundry Rooms and Utility Rooms
  • Fluorescent lighting or
  • Occupancy sensors

Exterior lights -attached to building
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Incandescent lighting combined with photo/motion sensor

Other Rooms: Living room, bedroom, family room, closets, and hallway
  • Dimmers or
  • Occupancy sensor or
  • Fluorescent lighting