Dealer FAQs

What is my free-freight allowance policy?
My order made free freight, why do shipping fees still show on my invoices?
How do I check on an order?
Why are there extra freight charges on my order?
What should I do if I receive my order with missing or extra items?
How do I return an item?
What is a minimum order fee?
What is a drop ship fee?
How do I check stock?
What is the average turn around for orders?
How can I check to see if Golden Lighting received my purchase order?
Can I add to my order?
How do I arrange a drop ship?
What are the freight charges on my order?
What freight LTL and small packages carriers do you use?
Can you bill the shipping to my account?
How can I tell when my order will ship?
Who is my sales representative?
Where will my order ship from?
How can I get the tracking number from my shipment?
What is the status of my order?
Can you do same day shipments?
What do I do with damages?
How do I get the price sheet in excel or PDF format?
Are back order availability dates confirmed?
How do I get a price quote?
How long does it take from when I fax my order to get it processed?
Can I see a list of all items on back order?