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Homestead 8606 RBZ roomshot.gif

Homestead RBZ

Homestead RBZ Lighting Collection
(8606 RBZ Series) 
  • Cozy and inviting transitional style 
  • Blends with any eclectic or casual room décor 
  • Beautiful Rubbed Bronze finish featuring warm Tea Stone glass or cool Opal glass
  • Extensive family with some drip candlesticks fixtures
  • Offers a variety of hanging lights and fixed lights suitable for bathroom lighting and ceiling lighting needs
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8606-5 RBZ thumb.jpg
8606-9 RBZ thumb.jpg
8606-CN9 RBZ thumb.jpg
8606-D5 RBZ thumb.jpg
8606-GM4 RBZ thumb.jpg
8606-ND3 RBZ thumb.jpg
8606-SF RBZ thumb.jpg
7623 RBZ thumb.jpg
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8601 RBZ thumb.jpg
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ROD-12 RBZ thumb.jpg
Canopy-4120 RBZ thumb.jpg
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8606-3P RBZ-OP.gif
8606-5 RBZ-OP.gif
8606-ND3 RBZ-OP_thumb.gif
8606-D5 RBZ-OP.gif
4120 RBZ-OP.gif
8606-9 RBZ-OP.gif
8606-GM4 RBZ-OP.gif
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8606-BA1 RBZ-OP.gif
8606-BA2 RBZ-OP.gif
8606-BA3 RBZ-OP.gif
8606-BA4 RBZ-OP.gif
8606-SF RBZ-OP_thumb.gif
Lancaster 6005 RBZ roomshot thumb.gif
Riverton 1567 PC roomshot thumb.gif
Rockefeller 3711 CB roomshot thumb.gif